Thursday, January 26, 2012

An annoying myth or old wives-tale.

I don't consider superstitions to be annoying perse. I just don't believe them and move on with life. However there are two superstitions that relate to me very much, and it's the one about the black cats being bad luck and the ones about the number 13 being bad luck, why? Because I have 3 black cats and I love them, and to me they have nothing to do with bad luck.

Another thing is that my favorite number is 13. I absolutely love the number, I consider Friday the 13th to be fascinating and good luck. Ever since I was little I have loved the number 13. I really don't like it when people come to me and tell me that black cats and the number 13 is bad luck.

Is there any superstition, myth or wives tale that you consider annoying or that it's contrary to your general opinion of things?

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