Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another Online Shopping Option

Recently I came across another online shopping website, it's called
It is the only fully integrated Web-wide product search and comparison shopping site on the Internet.

We all like to comparison shop, and these days we tend to go online before we buy and try to find the best price from the best store. This research can take a while, but puts everything in one place.

You can search for discounts and coupons for example: You can search: lillypulitzer discount
and the search brings back many items from Lilly Pulitzer, it gives you items with discounts and from many different websites as if you where only searching on one.

Another search I did was linktaylor furniture  and it came up with a variety of Taylor furniture and even it has many items with coupons, rewards and discounts. In the linktaylor furniture search I found this beautiful Hillside Taylor Bed at half the price from the list price. And a variety of lights and lamps.

Next time you want to go online shopping give it a try and see how you like it.

What is your favorite way to Shop? In-Store or Online? What's your favorite online website store?

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