Saturday, January 21, 2012

An Impactful Book in my life

When I started College, I made friends with some kids who showed me this book called Metafisica 4 en 1 (Spanish Edition) by Connie Mendez. You can also find an English version of the book, called Power Through Metaphysics In this book I learned about a new way of seeing life. A new way of living. It changed the direction my life took after that day.

Over Ten years later, there was a second book that changed my life The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. After ten years studying the teachings found in the first book, I had found myself lost, looking for more information and trying to find more people who had learned the same teachings that I had, but I found myself alone. When I read the Secret, I realized that what I had been looking for I could find it through the Law of Attraction.

Soon Rhonda Byrne came up with another book called The Secret: The Power and this book opened my eyes to even more new teachings, different views on life, and love. It helped me change the way I was looking at life, and love in general, and this created a whole new line of opportunities for me to grow as a person and it has taken me to the place that I am now.

Now in March Rhonda Byrne is coming up with a new book The Magic (The Secret) and I have pre-ordered it already.

I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and I truly believe that it has changed my life for the better 100%. I know that living a life through those teachings is not for everyone, but it is something that can be correlated to God.

There are many other books that have impacted my life in a good way, but those I will leave for another time.

Are there any books that have impacted your life? Which ones?

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