Sunday, January 8, 2012

Too Much Television

I used to think that in my house my kids watched too much television, however almost a year ago in February 2011, we had to get rid of our cable. Since then we only watch movies and TV shows through online streaming or DVD's.

There are some pros and some cons about this new set up.


We watch what we really want to watch. We need to make a decision on what to see, we can't just browse to see what's on, so we tend to watch less TV.

My girls are not exposed to commercials so they are not constantly saying: "I want that!"

I know what my girls are watching. They only watch per approved shows appropriate for their age.


I don't know what's going on in the world as much. I don't read the paper or watch the news so I am out of the loop unless I find the news online wherever I may be browsing. I don't know what movies are in the theaters unless I actively search for them. But I know this is more of a lazy thing on my part. I can find out about the news online, I just don't actively search for them.

I can't watch my favorite TV shows at the same time as most people, so I tend to hear spoilers by the time I can see them.

Do you feel you watch too much TV in your home? Or have you made the switch to no TV?
What have you found to be the pros and cons for your family?

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