Monday, January 30, 2012

What I want for my birthday.

My birthday is in March 30, and this Blog's birthday is actually on Wednesday February 1, 2012! I'm so excited and can't believe that this Blog has grown so much in only a year! I have been so blessed!

What I want for my Blog's birthday is more comments from more people, my mom is my most faithful reader and I am so proud about that, but I wish that more people would read me and communicate with me. I want to build some friendships, get to know people, be influential, help more, do more.

I know that through Voiceboks I have made some lasting friendships and we have a nice relationship, and I want to have something similar going on in here.

I know this takes effort on my part, be friendly first so others come back and be friendly too.

And for my own birthday in March I want to have a nice dinner at a restaurant with my family and friends, and just have a nice time. I'm thinking about going to Shiro Japan! We all love it!

What do you want for your birthday?

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