Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why I don't like a certain cartoon character.

I must say that having two small children makes me prone to watching cartoons, a lot! And I enjoy it, most of the time. Cartoons are funny, sometimes educational, entertaining, a way to pass time in the company of your adorable children.

There aren't many cartoon characters that I don't like. There's quite a few I could care less about them, but there isn't any particular one that I feel strongly against.

With that said, I am going to mention a few characters I particularly don't like.

1. Eeyore - Eeyore is an adorable character in Winnie the Pooh, many people seem to identify with him and like him a lot. However I don't like him too much, simply for the reason that he's too depressed all the time. It's like the friend that's always depressed and calls you to tell you how awful his life is and no matter how many times you try to cheer him up, he always has this dark cloud over his head and can't get out of the funk. After a while you start avoiding his calls and try to walk on the other side of the street and pretend you didn't see him coming.
This is very mean, I know. I really feel sorry for the little burro, but I like happy characters, that make you smile. Eeyore, well, he just makes me sad.

2. Jimmy Neutron -  There's nothing really wrong about Jimmy. He's super smart, he's into science which is a good role model for kids, he is friends with other nerds like Carl and even with a not so smart Hispanic kid name Sheen (which I love by the way). But even though he has many good qualities, I just don't like him. I love Sheen though, he's funny, stupid, but funny, and did I mention he was funny?
But Jimmy is too Retro, yet I'm not sure that's so bad either. I think is something about his personality, he seems to be popular for a nerdy guy, but I think in some episodes he's a little too full of himself. Maybe that's why I don't particularly like him.

3. Butthead -  I must say I have not seen the new episodes, but I remember back when they first started I used to watch them, I liked Bevis but I did not like Butthead, he seemed too much of an idiot, and his laugh was too annoying.

Like I said before there aren't too many cartoons that I particularly dislike, there are too many I wouldn't let my children watch them just yet, and there are tons that I would never watch, but mainly because I find them too boring.

There are some who feel strongly against certain characters, like how so many people hate Barney. I just watch what I like, and let my kids watch what they like as long as it is appropriate for their age. how about you? Do you feel strongly against any particular cartoon character?

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