Friday, January 27, 2012

You don't know me...

Most people don't know me. But I believe that you guys who read my Blog, know more about me that most people. But still you don't truly know me.

I like to keep to myself a lot. I have gone through periods where I would keep everything inside, then feel so overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I was  keeping quiet about that I would then go the the other extreme and say everything. Either way got me some arguments that could have been avoided. Now, I tend to keep to myself, but talk when I really feel the need to, but before I am about to explode.

I have several close friends who know me a bit more than the average person, and my husband knows me even more than them, but there are still parts of me that I am recently learning they exist.

I used to be very afraid of everything, fear of abandonment has always been a big one. Of not being good enough. Very textbook symptoms of kids that grow up without their fathers. Even though I had wonderful male role models in my life, like my amazing grandfather "Papi" and my step dad "Papa Jaime" who provided the stability and the love I needed from a father figure.

These days I'm not so afraid anymore. I have realized that there's no use for fear, as fear brings about the things you least want in life. Now I concentrate on the things I want as opposed to the ones I don't want. (Law of Attraction)

I have a difficulty cleaning up and keeping the house clean, I try and try and try and there seems to be an endless list of chores, and I want to be able to learn more, because my goal is to have a perfectly clean house like those in the magazines.

I want a house, my own house, just like the one I have been dreaming of since I was a child, one that will have an office, a gym, a recording studio for my husband, Huge kitchen with walk in closets, garage, roof deck, patio, and at least 4 BR.

I like giving to people, I like helping people, I currently make donations to charities on a regular basis. I want to be able to help someone in need whenever I can. I can go out of my way for friends.

I love my family, my husband, my daughters.

I love writing, and editing, and marketing, and being part of creating events.

I like cozying up in bed, and watch TV.

My favorite gifts are always kindle books, and sometimes perfumes.

 I am prone to hibernate in winter, I hate being cold, and when the weather is cold I don't want to do anything. That's why moving to warmer climates actually might help me be a more active person.

It is very hard to explain the depth's of ones soul in just a blog post. I guess if you really want to know me, you should read my Blog all the time.

Do you feel that you present to the world a clear picture of who you are? Or do you keep your true self to yourself?

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