Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday Cocoons2Butterflies!

Today is Cocoons2Butterflies 1st Birthday! I can't believe that a year has gone by so fast!

My First Ever Post was about Super Parenting and I remember that I even tried to create a Giveaway back then. The only person that entered the contest was my daughter and my mother. LOL

I'm still trying to figure some things out, but I consider that this Blog has exceeded my expectations for its first year and I am very proud of myself and I am very grateful for all the amazing people that I have met along the way.

This week I am going to write a two part article on the 5 Most Harmful Myths about Marriage and I want to get the discussions going here.

A brand new year, a whole new set of goals and dreams.

When is your Blog Birthday? How Old is your Blog Today? Do you think it has changed throughout the years?

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