Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hubby and I

The Author of this post is Herman Barry

My husband and I have a pretty heated debate going on at our house. He really wants us to go to and sign up for a lot of additional TV channels so he could watch all his sports on the weekend. I really don't think it's a great idea for a number of reasons. First of all, my husband already works 50 hours a week and I feel like anything that takes up more of his precious free time is just going to shortchange the family. On top of all that our sons are both in their teens and I don't think it's a great idea for them to spend all their time watching sports. I would much rather than be outside playing or hanging out with their friends, but the last thing I want is for them to become couch potatoes. I don't know, maybe I am being too controlling and I really just feel like I like it the way things are around here and I don't know that it's a great idea to disrupt our lives.

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