Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm afraid to try...

Continuing this Blog Dare 2012 I am faced with the question of what am I afraid to try?
I am sure that if I think about this, long and hard I will come up with a different answer, but the first thing that came to mind is: escargot.

The moment has never presented itself, I have never been in a restaurant or place that even remotely sold this, but if I ever was presented with the opportunity I would probably be afraid to try it.  Mostly because I imagine it to be slimy and yucky, and I really think slugs and snails are kinda cute, so I would feel bad trying them.

Another thing that I would eb afraid to try is Bungee Jumping

First of all I get vertigo very easily and I believe I would throw up if I ever do this, and another thing that makes me afraid to try it is just being nervous that the cord would break.

Have you ever tried escargot? How does it taste? Is it slimy?
Is there anything you would be afraid to try? Food or otherwise? How about bungee jumping? Have you ever done it?

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