Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ten years ago...

Me and Gaby

Gaby and Daddy!

Ten years ago we were just learning to be parents. Our first baby was only one and we were getting the hang of it.  We were new to New York City, just had moved here about 2 years before and we were raising our first daughter in a new city with very little family to help us, and we did a pretty good job at it.

Ten Years ago, my step-dad and my mother in-law where still with us.

Ten years ago I was about 45 lbs less than I am today and had only one daughter.

Ten years ago I had a dog named Ozzy.

Ten years ago, I was more naive, more insecure, less confident. I dressed somewhat different and my husband had longer hair.

Ten years ago I had not met Robert Downey Jr yet.

Ten years ago was very different from today, in many deep ways that are hard to explain.

How where you ten years ago? Do you ever look back and reminiscence? What life do you like better? The one you live now or the one you had 10 years ago?

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