Friday, February 3, 2012

That's when I got caught...

This post might be embarrassing to my grandma, so Mami if you read this, sorry!

But this is the story of how my family found out I had a tongue piercing.

When I was in my early 20's I got a tongue piercing and tried to hide it from my family. I was still living at home, with my grandparents, and my aunt. I had managed to hide it through the first few days and I was surprised, since my tongue was really swollen and I could barely eat. But I ate soup and kept to myself, I tend to be quiet so they didn't think anything was strange.

My grandma is much shorter than me so I think that made it easier to hide, and I wasn't really concerned about my aunt finding out, although I'm not even sure if she already knew or not. But anyway, what I remember of that faithful day was that my grandma and my aunt where in the room with me, they are joking around and all of a sudden my grandma grabs her boob and asks my aunt if she wants "teta" it was a joke as if she was offering her grownup child if she wanted to breastfeed. It was totally playful and they where laughing but it totally caught me off guard and I gasped and opened my mouth in shock that my grandma had done that! All of a sudden my grandma asks: What's that in your mouth?! And that's when I got caught!

My grandma freaked out, and told me I was going to get cancer and would never get a job, and my grandfather stopped talking to me for a whole day. I remember crying and asking my grandpa to talk to me and he did and all was forgiven.

Have you ever tried to hide something and gotten caught? How did you get caught?

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